Contact me at goaliesave25 [at] I go by Mathew Matakovic or GoalieSave25 Reddit: r/Orpega Twitter: @OrpegaGame or @GoalieSave25 == CHANGELOG == Removed Annoying Banner Ads ( you're welcome :D ) -- Fixed Rendering Issues -- THE LONG-AWAITED TANK NERF HAS ARRIVED!!!!!!! ( Sorry that took so long lol ) -- More new classes: Added Ninja Added Tank Added Healer Fixed a couple bugs Edges of explosions do less damage -- Small Client Updates Finally Added GamePad Support Profanity Filter Added Advertisements from Project Wonderful -- Nerfed Poison Gunner Buffed / Nerfed Paralyzing Bomber Buffed Machine Gunner Fixed occasional bullet glitching Fixed paralyzed glitching Bullets fade out Small changes for efficiency on server (Limited Minimap was a product of this, but it also means more players at once) Upon request, bullets don't go as far -- Nerfed Poison Gunner Fixed issues with Google Analytics -- BIG UPDATE! Buffed Machine Gunner Nerfed Heavy Bomber Nerfed Gunner Added Melee Added Poisonous Gunner Added Paralyzing Bomber More small client changes Added a YouTubers page -- Changed bullet collision algorithm on server to be more efficient -- Nerfed Machine Gunner -- Created ChangeLog